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The new flooring project for many is a very exciting opportunity to revive and renew the interior spaces of the home, but it can also be a discouraging and daunting process for some. While many flooring projects are very straight forward, as in new construction, other remodel projects can become quite complicated when dealing with the idiosyncrasies of “old“ construction. We look forward to facing the challenges of your new flooring project to arrive at the absolute best possible solution and achieve the best possible result - a beautiful new floor and a beautiful new space!

Professional Services of McCool Floors:

  • Project assessment and cost estimation
  • Guidance in flooring selection and recommendation of quality products
  • Installation of all types of prefinished hardwood floors for all applications:
    • Solid Hardwoods - nail down
    • Engineered Hardwoods - glue or nail down
    • Floating Hardwoods - interlocking float system
    • All species
  • Installation of Laminate floors:
    • Wood Plank designs
    • Ceramic Tile designs
    • Stone and Slate designs
  • Installation of Vinyl Tile and Plank floors:
    • Woodgrain patterns
    • Tile patterns
  • Installation of bamboo and cork floors
  • Finish interior Carpentry - baseboards, shoe molding, door and window casing, etc.
  • Custom trim stain-matching
  • Hardwood for Staircase - StareCasing Hardwood Overlay System
  • Complete demolition/removal services and hauling
  • Other miscellaneous tasks related to flooring and interior carpentry projects
McCool Floors is capable of performing every facet of the flooring project from start to finish. You can allow us to do all aspects of the project or you may opt to do some of the work yourself. We provide a very detailed and itemized breakdown of your project in terms of labor and materials. You are free to choose what you would like for us to do, or not to do. We will perform as much or as little of the project as you desire, whatever is necessary to achieve your highest level of satisfaction.

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